Straight Riffin Podcast with Mitcz Marzoni & Teddy TutsonStraight Riffin Podcast with Mitcz Marzoni & Teddy Tutson

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Ep4 – Adam Feuerberg

Mitcz discusses the cancellation of his other broadcast/podcast show "Aural Salvation", there's a discussion about a woman who impregnated herself after giving her boyfriend oral sex, Justin Dabuet and Mitcz have Dueling Gilbert Gottfried fun, Adam Feuerberg turns every anecdotal voice into a Jewish person, and... well, it's just 2 hours of insanity and mayhem. But, plenty of fun and never a dull moment. There was a weird audio drop about halfway in, so the video is cut into 2 parts. The audio podcast, however, is all contained in one file.

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